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  How it works | Pricing | Features | Free Agents | Small Business wants to be your online invoicing and billing partner. Whether you'd like to do it yourself or have us do it for you, we've got a solution to meet your needs.

Our most popular plan allows you to quickly and easily create and send an unlimited number of detailed invoices to your clients via e-mail for only $11.99 per month. For a negligible fee, we'll send a hard copy to your client via the US Postal Service as well.

Many of our users don't need an unlimited solution which is why we offer full-service invoices on per-invoice basis. Each full-service invoice allows you to generate and send an e-mail invoice and hard copy to your client and can be purchased in various quantities. Full-service invoices never expire. Any unused invoice credits will stay in your account until they're needed.

Of course, these solutions don't work for everyone. That's why we offer custom solutions. From EDI to outsourcing and custom invoice design -- we offer it all. Ready to learn more?

How It Works

First, you'll need to create an account.

After answering a few questions to set your account up, you're ready to send invoices!

New accounts are automatically credited with one free e-mail invoice. After you've sent this invoice, you'll need to purchase a supply of full-service invoices or join one of our unlimited monthly invoicing plans.

Creating an invoice:

You can use our invoice wizard to help you create your invoice. Just enter the necessary information about your goods or service and contact information for your client. Then you can store the invoice for future additions or send it immediately.

Once you choose to send an invoice, will process your invoice and send a copy via e-mail to your client. If you've chosen to send a copy via the US Postal Service as well (this service is automatically included in full-service invoices), will print and mail it from our centrally located processing facility in Kansas City, Mo.

That's all there is to it! Your client will be directed to send payment straight to you at the address you registered. Your clients can also pay your invoices directly via PayPal if you enable it. PayPal integration is free on the $11.99 Unlimited Platinum plan.

Record keeping:

We'll keep a copy of the invoice handy for you to use at tax time -- and you can always log into your manager to mark an invoice paid, or to take a look at outstanding invoices. If an invoice hasn't been paid, you can send a reminder.

It's really that simple. No more licking & sticking for you -- just a convenient online solution.

Questions? Feel free to e-mail us!


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