April 16, 2018 - On April 7, suffered a catastrophic failure of its RAID hardware and system. Multiple drives in the array failed at once.

As usage has dwindled over the years, we've left the site up as a service (it hasn't been profitable in several years and for the past couple years has just about broken even most months.)

Although always intended as a quick place to create and send invoices -- not to do full-fledged accounting -- we understand that some users have been depending on the system for more than it was intended.

We appreciate your patronage over the past decade and rest assured that the company is still trying to recover data from the failed array and if successful, we will immediately (and temporarily) put the site back online so that you can download anything that you didn't have backed up.

Thank you.

April 18, 2018 - We have been able to pull data from the array and will begin the process of validating it. Stay tuned for another post later this week.